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update; yes another

I’ve still been drawing every day on @somethinganniething. This is incredible for someone like me who tends to bail on personal projects involving schedules. I’m honestly pretty impressed with myself.

I’m on the road at the moment, on the last trip of my year. We’re in Canada still. I’m pretty determined to want to like my family since I see these guys probably about once every five or six years, but I’m just too unused to being around family I think. I didn’t realise until we started the trip that I’ve not had to be around family like this since the last time I was on a trip like this six years ago.

The best part of now vs. then is that if things get too much, I can just go off on my own. My mother likes to tag along everytime I’m off to go do my own things because I have a tendency to seek out a flat white and a steak in every city we go to.

I’ve become very sensitive to touch and sound in the past few years, even more so than I used to be. I’m not sure where that’s going. It’s getting pretty specific. I should probably get that looked at under a microscope.

There’s so much of the world I’m not used to, but I honestly question if I ever was. I haven’t been near any resemblance to a “regular” nuclear family that every time I am now I never know what to do.

I’m a month away from being back home. What a relief, honestly. I’d like to have some sort of routine, and soon because I’m pretty finished with being paraded around.

Things to do when I’m home:

  1. organise portfolio files

  2. production for mv

  3. prep the apartment for a grey

  4. get a grey

  5. also get grey

  6. develop all the 2017 film

  7. finish the list

I’ve been home all year, but I’ve been waiting to get home all year as well. I’m tired of not being understood. Bring on the usual problems. I wanna be allowed to have problems again. 





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