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draw; 2015 sketchbook 03

Among other things, at this point I was looking at Karoline Koryl a lot. I’m pretty sure there’s more than one thing of mine that was sourcing her in this notebook.

The selfie with six eyes in the purple is a drawing of myself I’ve drawn a few times. Somewhere in between all these selfies I realised how often I draw myself.

This part of the sketchbook is towards the end of summer. I drew the nuts and seeds on a bench in Bern while Dom and Victor swam in the most impossibly lovely river water I have ever seen. A quick google will explain exactly what I mean.

When everyone finally left at the end of summer Jackson and I had about a week of time in between groups of people, and it was quite lonely. All my anguish came out in drawings, as I tend to do that.

More drawings for while I’m in Europe! At this point I’m in Annecy finishing off the film festival, probably somewhere on the lake or in a pub. Good times.

Baguette, Annie.



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