• Annie

Saturday; Land of Queens


There were so many Chinese tourists I thought I was back in China.

MovieWorld is quite small in area. They fit a lot in somehow.

We didn’t do much. I slept ridiculously early, it was dumb.


Halfway through the day it started to pour. Popcorn will fix my problems.

I’ve wanted ice cream all day but now it’s too cold for satisfaction.

Dear Australia Weather, if I cease all my mood swings, will you too?


Sitting on the beach to draw sounds alright but there are too many bugs.

Give me as many chips as minutes of rain; I’d be the Seagull King.

This morning I woke and realised that I really miss my dumb boyfriend.


Went back to SeaWorld to watch dolphins and jet skis. Watermelon race.

The watermelon eating contest before bed improved my whole day.

I can’t wait to get back in your arms again. It’s been quite a long day.


I woke this morning at five, feeling completely unlike P. Diddy.

Too many Asian tourists wearing Crocs makes me feel rather ashamed.

The humidity in Cairns is kind of gross but improves my mood greatly.


I have so much butt hurt from my bike rides with mum yesterday. Legit.

Have resorted to reading Bad Fanfic on my phone to pass the time.

My cousin caught a baby shark, and I drove a boat. We’re river kids.


I arrived at Green Island, and befriended a great big tortoise.

Snorkelled and saw a school of fish darting around, while big fish swim slow.

Most of these haikus suck. Why do I continue writing faithfully?


Finally going to be on my way home soon. I miss everything.

Cairns was the highlight of my entire week, but Sydney is my nest.


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