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Saturday; Yellow [page04]

Let’s start with a change of plans.

I’ve not been able to draw as much for Yellow as I would have liked to in the past few months, but will now backtrack and continue it (perhaps not as planned but I will push on!). There won’t be as many dailies as the past three pages, but rest assured these will continue for as long as I have access to both internet and scanners (I’ve had neither for a while now).

Slight warning before we start: THIS IS A LONG POST, but Yellow pages always are. Now, dear darlings, onwards!

5th February, 2013

7th February, 2013

9th February, 2013

13th February, 2013

15th-22nd February, 2013

23rd February, 2013

25th February, 2013

23rd February, 2013

3rd March, 2013

4th March, 2013

4th March, 2013

10th March, 2013

12nd March, 2013

16th March, 2013

23rd March, 2013

24th March, 2013

28th March, 2013

2nd April, 2013

3rd April, 2013

7th April, 2013

10th April, 2013

14th April, 2013

15th April, 2013

18th April, 2013

21st April, 2013

23rd April, 2013

28th April, 2013

29th April, 2013

4th May, 2013

6th May, 2013

10th May, 2013

11th May, 2013

12th May, 2013

13th May, 2013

19th May, 2013

There’s still about three months worth of comics until I’m back to where I should be but it will come be patient I’m sure by the end of the year I’ll be back on track with Yellow (hahahahahahahaha). 

I changed pens, sketchbooks and dimensions of the comics I draw so half way through all the lines thicken for no real reason. 

Half way through my shifts at work the kids I teach will say something really stupid or really amazing and I’ll wish I have a waterproof notebook or something similar to record what they say but sadly I can’t stop half way through the lesson to record the amazement that is children logic so a lot of good material goes a little to waste. But that’s okay, maybe some day I’ll figure out a way to record all the conversations I have had with 4 year olds.

University is only getting busier and more insane as the days go on, but I love it. What can I say. I’ll suffer for animation any day. Bring it on. 





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