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Sunday; Bright Lights

Let me tell you about few little things.

I really don’t particularly care for rabbits, but perhaps I’ll put up the animations in another post.. Once I’m happy enough with them. I’ll put them on my sketchblog for now. I must have drawn 20 pages of rabbits, which is lucky because I didn’t have enough time to draw three times that as per usual, but nonetheless it got done. Rabbits really make no sense.

I’ve been pensive and broken lately but soon enough I’ll be back on my feet in a new apartment with things more settled than they are now. The loves of my life are still the loves of my life and everyone who matters is still being brilliantly and shining but everything else makes me weary. I want to get back to drawing and animating all the time and I just can’t and it sucks, but no matter. I’ll keep going. Things happen and I’ll recover. I’m writing more these days, which I’m thankful for because otherwise I would probably kneel over and blend into the ground.

I don’t think I’m grateful enough to everyone in my life because I tell the really close ones almost every day that I love them but sometimes it slips my mind that there’s more than just them and there are so many people who are there to drag me through the days I don’t want to go through and just thank you. I love you all and sometimes I forget to tell you but thank you for being in my life and saying things I need to hear sometimes and sorry that I cannot tell you directly sometimes because I’m not good with words in real life. If I could communicate with everyone through letters in life I would but then I would still be stuck back in 2001 so I guess that’s why talking exists. I hope that you will stick around for me to get through to the next stage because it’s going to be a insane journey and not all of you will make it but you know how it is. It’ll be fun, I think.

Last but not least, my darling significant characters. I love you all so much. You guys make my world the way it is and there is nothing I would ever do to change that because I can only be me if you guys are around.

I’m at a point where I can’t manage to care about much else besides drawing anymore and I just want to spend all my time on that and you lot and just life why I can’t sometimes. I just don’t want to.

But I’ll have to do the other things eventually and somehow that’ll be how I manage my way through it all again. It’ll be like last time but much better because I do care after all. Just not right now.

Every luck, Annie.



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