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Tuesday; Seconds

We’ll start with Animation. Let me write you an essay about how much I love it.

As far as I’m concerned, Animation is what everything in my life has ever led to. It’s the point that every line of connection in my life has ever guided me towards, and joins all the joys of my existence into a single, fanatic, glowing kind of subject; which sounds horribly tight and narrow-minded, but I can’t imagine any other way of looking at it. I spent years of my life wanting to sing or dance or write or draw and now there’s something that combines all that with the necessity of learning as much about life as possible, and I just fell in love with the whole thing the moment I realised it was all I ever wanted.

Apart from my love affair with my studies, there are now fellow animators at my university. My darling lonely cohort, who has willingly put up with Jess and I dubbing us all The Patrick Appreciation Society (more on that later), is now no longer the only year of students in my degree at The University of Technology, Sydney. It’s a sobering thought to know that there’s another group of dears who are (possibly) as dynamic and crazy awful and wonderful as we are, after a year of being a bunch of people stranded on an island where the Captain Bossman knows just as much as we do about what exactly is going on. They had their second tutorial today, and while my class was modelling a senior pensioner, we watched them do what we did a year ago and somehow, I didn’t know what to feel. I don’t even have a reason to have feelings about this considering it doesn’t really affect me at all, but I do and I will. I am really ridiculously excited to meet them properly and love them because I like doing that. I like meeting and loving people.

The Patrick Appreciation Society started out at the beginning of the year when I decided to make sure I could contact whomever whenever I needed to for university subject purposes. It started out as a group on Facebook called Animation@UTS Aw Yee because I couldn’t think of anything better. When I fell in love with the group, slowly at first and now at an exponential rate, we merged into a different sort of dynamic and one particular member of Animation, Patrick, began receiving a lot of love and affection from the rest of us for his lovely artistic skills. At first, the renaming of the group on Facebook didn’t really mean too much, but I think that was when we started to really feel different from the other courses (Lord knows it’s true). Eventually, the name itself moved away from just literally meaning that we appreciate Patrick to a speck of our history together, and it stuck.

The Patrick Appreciation Society is what it is, and I hope we somehow stick together even after studying together.

Aside from Animation, my past few days have been filled with German and international relations. I have woken before 8am every single day, which is no small feat for someone like myself who doesn’t sleep much, and gotten to uni and stayed there for a strange amount of hours being productive. Yellow is still running but it’s a little scattered now that my sketchbook isn’t always of immediate reach, which means that finding all my comics will be a little painful but will still work. I have been working as well, and children tell me all sorts of things while I try to convince them to swim and it’s fantastic. I’m always tired once it hits 8pm like a granny, but that’s ok because I still manage to function until about 11pm. Hand holding feels like it’s snaked right into the middle of me and I do it a lot now because I can. My phone is on it’s last legs and I sincerely hope that it works at least until the weekend, because I will be getting my father’s old phone once again. My mother has left the country once again after her promises of the future, which I love and appreciate her for. Kristin and I finally went to a coffee shop around the corner behind our apartment, one that we’d been meaning to go to since we saw it being built months and months ago, and the mochas there are excellent. I have not touched my tablet for a while, but soon enough I’ll have enough of an excuse to do so and draw like crazy. I miss being able to draw whenever I wished and still count it as vaguely productive, but not enough to give up on German or international studies.

Things haven’t really changed, but I feel like they have. This summer has been another overwhelming one and my skies are all different, but it’s still the sky and I’m still on my feet. I have been on shaky ground for the past month or so, but life is good and it’s getting even better now. There are moments, but I have people and when I don’t feel like I do, there’s always what brought me here; there’s guitar and there’s drawing and singing and dancing. There’s a monster living in my mind, but he gets fed and then ignored for months, so while it may not be effective in the long run, I’m happy enough to run with it.

I must update that clicking icon on the right panel sometime. Looking at the drawing of me with all that hair is a little odd considering I don’t have any of it anymore.

I will write soon, Annie.



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