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Wednesday; New Knitting Nudes on A Great Day.

I’ll start and scream because I STILL HAVE NO INTERNET.

 I drew with coloured pens on Monday and they made me unbearably happy. I also started using graphites and pencils again and it was great. I decided to disregard all the drawing things I’d learned just for a bit and shade the hell out of everything that I had time to shade and it turned out pretty great so I think that’s a success. I had a lot of food that day. The sun was nice and laundry was done and when the day finished, I laid in bed with Mick and knitted while he read Pyongyang by Guy Delisle and it was perfect.

I’m knitting a scarf for Mick and am confident that I can have it done by next Summer, probably. I’m not very good at knitting and he doesn’t really care for scarves so it’s the perfect situation. I don’t think I’m going to end up getting a second job even though I am trying to look for one.

The new apartment is lovely and my new furniture was the result of many phone battles with Ikea and the delivery company, but things are things and they will be hard to get. There is another post in the making as I type and it will be up soon.

Knit well live well, Annie.



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