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Wednesday; Texting Messages [page01]

Let’s begin with text.

Many moons ago during those dystopian high school years wherein I was a highly flammable youngling, I discovered the magic of text messaging. Life has not been the same since.

I am still (proudly) on prepaid mobile phone credit, and probably won’t change over to a plan any time soon even though I am now employed, simply because I will probably end up spending my whole paycheck on paying back the bill. To put it simply: I use my phone a lot. I text back pretty much immediately, unless I’m being paid not to or dying. I don’t answer my phone as often, because most of the time it’s on silence since if I don’t put it on a permanent silent it will cause my death by heart attack. I’m not good with loud and sudden noises.

Even though I’ve many years of texting under my belt, I’d stuck to the relatively same sort of friends while in high school whose texts were, unfortunately, quite average. University has opened my heart, mind, soul and torn apart my phone, wallet, and various other items I own, and in meeting peculiar people I now have many texts that are much stranger. Being the visual person I am, I have decided to transform some of the many, many odd text messages that I have received at various points of the last year into illustrations and graphics, and thus a series was born, called

Texting Messages.

All of them require explanations, but I shall leave the explanation at a simple caption quoting the words on each image, because my handwriting and mind doesn’t seem to work like those that belong to others. Each and every single image differs from the others in style, linework, colour palette and pretty much everything because I suffer from Many Styles Syndrome and don’t like to make decisions. I will link to the person who sent me the text, as they are all real text messages that have been sent to me, wherever I can. Luca is the only one out of the four (Mick, Jess, Luca and Nat) who hasn’t a page for me to link to, but his text messages were too wonderful to leave out.

#001: “You & I are different machines.” – Mick

#002: “That is to say in simple English as thespian may proclaim, I lack your vision to see what is and a possible achievement, whereas you lack what I’d assume is enquiry.” – Luca

#003: “I AM THE NOODLE.” – Jess

I’ve not drawn one for Nataliya as of yet, but that’s only because there’s so much material to choose from for her. We’ve sent very odd things in the dead of night to each other, but these three shall have to do for now. Looking back on these drawings makes me hope that some day I will come across them again and think that not much has changed.

I have been absorbing myself into work, lately. I think I’ve started to permanently smell of chlorine (Mick tells me that this is in my imagination but no one else spends as much time with me as I do so I should know, really) and I’ve started to talk to our kitchen utensils like the kids at work. It’s great. I love it so much. The apartment is slowly getting more messy but I haven’t the energy to clean it, which is depressing because it really reflects the amount of exercise that I’d been getting before (level: nothing) but on the plus side I’m now being paid to exercise and I have ice blocks in my freezer, so things are pretty great.

I leave you with the knowledge that I have eaten cheese with pasta for my past three meals in a row. I love you. You’re beautiful and you have lovely eyes that work. Good job.

Let us momentarily part ways, Annie.



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