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I had originally made myself these undated planners for a zine fair that was cancelled due to ✨ pandemic ✨ times, but honestly these are good with or without a constantly changing set of global conditions because they have no dates in them whatsoever.


This is a companion item to the How to Write a 1 Year Plan zine, but can be used separately if you have your own way of using a planner! I mainly made it because I'm not good at bullet journalling but enjoy the process of filling in a blank skeleton of a planner rather than drawing all the grids and whatnot from scratch each month. Most other planners came with sections that I never used, so I designed one specifically for myself and figured maybe others would be interested too.


The planner has an intro (pictured), 12 undated months with room for notes at the front, a 3 month check in roughly every 3 months (or 13 weeks), weeks that are blank starting on Sundays, room for a bit of annual reflection and a notes section in the back. The front and back covers are folded over and I personally glue the top and bottom to make a pocket at the front and back.

12 Month Planner (undated)

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