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This zine was made originally for a series of zine fairs that were cancelled due to the ✨ pandemic ✨, but personally I think plans should be as flexible as world conditions are. The plan you can make with the guide in this zine is just for a period of 12 months, so you can start your goals whenever you like.


This is a companion item to the 12 Month Planner, but can be used separately with any planner you like if you already have one! The most important part of the 12 Month Planner that isn't available anywhere else is the 3 month check in, but in time I will be making a separate downloadable file with 3 month check ins so that it's not absolutely needed. Say it with me - planners should be as flexible as plans are meant to be!


This zine has an intro (pictured), a section with questions to reflect on the person you are, sections to figure out where you want to be in a year, what kinds of habits you want to develop, breakdowns of what kinds of categories your habits and goals could be grouped under to organise them into a timeline, reflections about preparing to deal with the challenges that come with each goal and my personal goals for a solid example of how to fill each section out. At the very end there's space for reflecting on the year that's passed and notes for the following year, if you want to continue planning your time this way.


I use one of these pretty much every 6 months to update my plans. Clearly I'm pretty into this haha.

How to Write a 1 Year Plan

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