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Instagram flat lay photoshoot for Clark

November 2018

Photography by Daniel Noone

Art direction & styling by Annie Huang

Art direction by Kimba Warnes

Full Instagram feed here

Instagram photoshoots

Photoshoots for World Square

November - December 2018

Photography & styling by Annie Huang

Photography assistance by

Stefanie Ospitale & Esther Cha

Ads avaliable here and here

Full Instagram feed here

Instagram flat lay photoshoots for Owndays

October - December 2018

Photography & animation by Annie Huang

Art direction & styling by Annie Huang

October assistance by Stefanie Ospitale

November assistance by Esther Cha

Full Instagram feed here

A selection of images

for PM-Partners' LinkedIn and Facebook

2019 - 2020

PM-Partners social media

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