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draw; 2016 selfies

My final UTS end of year show was this Tuesday. I’ve actually had a spectacular week. It’s a bit strange to think back on how much this year took out of me. I wanted to put a selfie in the corner of my poster but realised that so many of the selfies I drew all year were either tired or naked (I ended up just going with tired). 

It feels weird to be done.

I’ve taken most of this week off just to marinate a little and it’s been really pleasant to not have anything that I must do. I baked all Friday morning and made a bunch of things and now I have too much food in my fridge, which is a nice change. 

The best and worst thing about living alone is that I really do occasionally forget I need human interaction to stay sane. If I have food in my fridge it’s likely that I’ll just stay home for days on end. When I was making the short film I didn’t leave my house at one point for four days until I completely ran out of groceries. That and cooking portions – everything I buy and all the recipes in the world tend to assume there’s at least two people coexisting. 

I’ve been pretty intensely trying to fix myself up lately. 

Hopefully today I can get back into making stuff. I’ll be setting up an Etsy store soon enough! I have a butt load of stickers these days, probably enough to start making little packs.

So, things to do next year so far read as such:

  1. Zine list that’s currently on my wall

  2. A recipe book for my kitchen

  3. Music video (re: this)

  4. @somethinganniething

  5. Get all my books back

  6. Etsy

  7. All that travel etc

Mum is back on Christmas, James gets here tomorrow, Tim gets here in less than a month, there’ll be Christmas and New Years and my birthday and before you know it 2017 will be the improvement that 2016 really needed. I’d like to think that in the near future when I say that something is so “2016” people will know I mean “anxiously soul crushing”. 

Anyway, more selfies soon! Annie.



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