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Thursday; Story of Mural

This story begins with a night at Lentil as Anything, where Effy and I were asked to think up a mural design for one of the hallway walls.

We were very prepared to begin it the next week, but some other things prevented us from doing so. So we went to Steffie’s place and ended up staying all night in a magical impromptu sleepover where we watched the sun rise the next morning.

I had the Blue Man in mind the moment I saw the wall, but he still ended up looking way better than I thought. Such a handsome Blue Man.

The rest of the food and people we were winging, with only the direction and shape of the overall thing in mind. 

We decided to use blue as our prominent colour, since the wall is a soft yellow and the doors and frames a striking red. 

Here’s Michael so you don’t get too tired of the blue. There’s going to be a lot of it. This is at the lawn near one of the wharfs at Darling Harbour. We used to go there a lot more. I like it there a lot.

While we were painting, we met a person named either Tom, or Tim (I’m very terrible with names) who also wanted to paint something for the wall. After asking Hugo, he joined in and it was decided that we could have a small interaction somewhere between our two pieces.

We finished around the 2nd of October, after something like a three sessions in that week.

Lentil as Anything has got a real good thing going on so you should check them out. Their food is delicious, the payment is by donation, and the community is so very, unbelievably nice.

Around this time is also another roll of film, which will be the next post because I don’t follow a linear time line in my head so why should this blog?

I’ve been shooting less, but arguably better photos lately.

This roll was an expired disposable I bought for $5 (I bought three of them and gave the others to my dearest darling Nat) which was a pretty super find because I don’t usually have the best of luck with sale money usage.

I spent a good two hours doing taxes today with my mother. It always happens when she’s in town because I don’t really understand how taxes work (just like every other 20 year old in the whole world). Tax hours aren’t that fun, but mum generally works out all the numbers. I just have to add stuff together. So, as far as I know, taxes involve a high level of addition.

I may make a post about my Etsy purchases thus far later on next month because I’ve been spending way too much on shipping and need to face reality in the form of internet blogging.

I have a note pinned to my wall that yells, “CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF” and yet, here we are.

Here we are, Annie.



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