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Thursday; November Sketchbook

I’ve posted these bits on my sketchbook, alongside some other character iteration games ft. Effy, but here they are in all their glory.

Silka and I went to Watson’s Bay yesterday (yesterday? It feels like last week) and I took a thousand photos, but I feel like I either snapped the film or screwed up the winding dude because it keeps telling me I’ve only taken 10 photos. Which is definitely not the case. Hard life.

Today, Mick and I bought new shoes (something Mick has been doing a lot of lately). I haven’t bought new shoes since my sandals, which are already more worn out than my Dr. Martens. New shoes make me feel weird inside. Grey is the perfect coloured shoe next year for the only two wardrobes of clothes I’m allowing myself to bring. Speaking of which, I’ve finally started packing with a little over a month until departure date.

Packing updates soon, Annie.



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