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update; etsy! dog! things!

Guys! I got a dog! And opened an Etsy store!

First, the dog. Her name is Macy, she is a greyhound, almost 5 years old, and I love her with all of my actual being. Watching her personality unfold is an absolute gift. I’ve wanted a dog for so long, and enjoy every moment of it.

She’s so relaxed but also such a worrywart, it’s amazing. She would rather run away from a source of worry and come to me for a hug than confront literally anything.

Some fun facts about greyhounds:

  1. They headbutt you to show affection. I can’t get over this. I’m telling everybody.

  2. They’re sighthounds, and use their eyesight more than any other sense. 

  3. They very rarely bark. Macy has only ever barked once at a bird that land on the balcony, and another time at a shadow.

  4. They trot, like a lil show horse. Macy does this when she’s looking for a spot to pee on the balcony and when we go on walks not on grass. It’s amazing and graceful and I’m so in love. 

Macy is figuring out how to play, and only really does it in secret. I’m not sure why this is. She also likes to put her head and snoot through the space your elbow makes when you bend your hand up, especially while you sit down. She has tried to lick me and Nguyen Sa in the crotch a couple of times. She is very suspicious of her crate, but I would be too if I’d spent my whole working life as a racer living in one. She’s won $750 as a racer. She’s slowly gaining weight back to a regular greyhound standard.

Macy has met a few of my friends. I’ve bought her clothes (they don’t fit great though, and I will alter them to fit better) and a strawberry print collar. She really likes walks, goes up and down stairs like a champion, but is very reluctant to step inside the lift that takes her to the walk.

I could talk about her forever.

Now, the store. So far it only has stickers, and I haven’t even posted anywhere about it just yet. I’m excited to see how it goes. It was on my to-do list all year.

I’m making store-only items, too. I really enjoy buying mystery packs that just have 10 miscellaneous items from people so I’ll be making my own of those, with items that you can’t even buy. I make a lot of stuff to destress, so I have a lot of things that I don’t end up using just laying around. I have so many scarves. It’s ridiculous. I might unravel some of them just to reknit something nicer.

I’ve gotten started on my long list of zine ideas that are stuck on my wall in my office, under the storyboard that’s there at the moment. I also want to start production for the music video, but a lot of things are getting in that way and it looks like it’ll be a little longer than expected (which was actually expected).

I’ve been so productive since coming back from America, and all because of jet lag. What a life.

Drawings soon, Annie.



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