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draw; some gif updates

In May I had one or two weeks of very regular, scheduled productivity where I churned out these 1 second hand drawn loops like every two days between drawing more finished than usual illustrations and doing bank errands for my mother. I got quicker and quicker at making these and then… fell out of the habit. I can’t remember why. I think I got sick.

I’m about to leave for a trip that’s just under 2 months through Canada and America. Hopefully someone will come up with some way for me to be connected to the internet all the time because I am a ~millennial~ (and also because I’d like to keep up my daily posts @somethinganniething) but I’m sure that, since I’m traveling with my mother who requires (if anything) more internet usage than me, I’ll manage it fine.

I come from a hilariously technologically dependant family.

At some point I decided black lines on white paper got too dull to be posting to often and added colour, which looks alright when you look at ’em on Instagram as a whole but I don’t particularly like them on their own. The grey one above is supposed to be blue, but since these gifs are hosted on Tumblr (which has a 2 MB file limit lmao) in the process of shrinking file size the colour disappeared for some reason. 

Photoshop animation is some sort of weird magic that I don’t understand at all. 

I also did a bunch of hand related drawings, because I really like hands. So that’ll be up at some point as a post by itself, since at the moment all I’m doing is waiting between trips. 

I honestly miss living in Burwood. Central Park is easy, new and all that, but it’s strangely sterile.

I mainly miss my books, my guitar (which I never ended up taking over), and my desktop computer. The laptop I’ve got at the moment is my mother’s old MacBook Air from 2012, which functions as well as you’d image it to. I have a single video file on it that I know is the root cause of most of my lagging, but that’s actually one of the only things I’ll need on it (plus Photoshop) while I’m abroad again. I don’t doubt that I’ll get too impatient with it and just post hand drawn drawings towards the end of the trip.

I leave next Wednesday. I’ll hopefully have at least one post queued up before I leave so to continue this dismal 1 post per month situation. Apparently I’ve only got enough self control to build up routine with a single place to post, which I guess is not unusual.

I’ll be starting a vlog again I think? Except I’ll be with my family a lot so I’m not sure how fine they are about me videoing stuff like that. Maybe I’ll just post a shit load of photos @annieandthemotions and video via snapchat, as I’ve been doing since I’ve been back. I’m not sure. We’ll see.

In other news, I’ve been feeling particularly down this month. It’s a little ridiculous that my life can be relatively fantastic and I’ll still feel like shit. I gotta get myself back into therapy, but I leave in like half a week.

Why didn’t I get myself back in earlier, when I had both the time and the effort? Easy. I wasn’t sad then.

Not to end on a sad and tired tone, but I’m pretty sad and tired rn. I’ll be fine again soon. That’s how the pendulum swings.

I should start packing, Annie.



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