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draw; farm, class & the end is nigh

A few weeks ago, just before the start of semester, I went to Steph’s farm with Paul and it was the most relaxing choice I’d ever made in my life. I didn’t do as much drawing as I wanted, but the ones I did do reflected how calm I was pretty well. 

I attended a compulsory talk from UTS housing and ended up absorbing absolutely not new information whatsoever. I drew plenty of fashionable people though, which was nice.

Some other miscellaneous drawings from the past few weeks. I’m drawing in my Tintin notebook, which I bought from the museum in Belgium. It has an insert of a pop art Tintin every once in a while. 

Hanging out with Effy and Jono and drawing each other was like a breath of fresh air. I realised how much I’d missed them. Perhaps it’s time for an Art Club revival?

I’ve been hitting a wall while feeling down about how being in Europe and of close proximity to so many of my loves. Fortunately, I also have a lot of their clothes, so I’ve been wearing them. 

I’ve been drawing a lot of selfies lately, so when my illustration tutor asked us to draw ourselves I was absolutely ready for the task. 

I’m going to make a zine of my own drawn selfies and see if any of them sell. It’ll be fun, I think. Every time my illustration tutor says he doesn’t care what subject we draw, I draw a selfie.

Time is an illusion, 




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