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draw; 2k16 zine life 01

I’m making mini zines! Here are the first two covers. They’re a bit all over the place but I love them and they’re $1 each!

In the next two weeks I’m going to make a lot more drawing zines as well so I’ll have hopefully 5 or 6 mini zines with 3 of them being poetry ones and 3 of them being drawing ones by next week or the week after and it’ll all be super cute!

I’m probably going to keep talking about these for a while until I start actually getting stall tables to sell stuff. Giving myself deadlines is working a lot better than I thought it would, actually. So fun, so fine. Here’s a lil sample ~_~

A lot of the poetry zines will have photos from last year, some of which I haven’t published elsewhere before. I wanted to get a postsecret kind of feel, or something. There are colour versions but I don’t think I’ll sell those yet.

Anyway, look forward to more things as I make more stuff. Stuff and things horray!

Zine me up, Annie.



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