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draw; 2015 sketchbook 01

My handmade notebooks from Zurich are exceptionally bad because I did not have any of the tools I required, and just bits of paper to work with. In some way, it adds character right?

I got incredibly rusty in the first few months of living in Switzerland because I wasn’t making the time to draw. It got better over summer, but I didn’t draw as much as I should have in 2015. What I did draw was on the go, generally while traveling, and I did manage to use up a few sketchbooks. Most of those came back with me, so I’ll be posting a few times with different sketchbooks.

I bought this notebook from a little shop in the middle of one of Istanbul’s side streets. I also took the illustrator’s business card, but have moved so many times since acquiring it that I’m pretty sure it’s not with me anymore.

The pages were a lovely off white when I bought the sketchbook. I put it through quite a bit of stress.

The drawings are already towards the middle of the year. I was drawing from Tumblr for a little bit of time because I wasn’t comfortable with drawing in front of any of the friends I had at the time, usually because I didn’t like people watching me draw which happens when you’re the only one in the group who’s drawing.

The last three double pages I drew at the 2015 Il Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna. The man on the right with the moustache on the second last image was some sort of organiser who gave a speech and had a lovely set of wrinkles. I think this was on the last night, actually, so we would have been watching Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey in the middle of the piazza, under the stars, through an impressive film projector set up. So many people showed up, and it was incredible.

There’s also a drawing of me with Victor and with Javi. I miss them a lot, but I’ll be in Barcelona again soon enough.



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