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update; otherworlds

I was invited slightly last minute to share a table at the 2016 OtherWorlds zine fair the day before yesterday and ended up making things until I ran out of printer ink at 4 in the morning. It was brilliant.

In the haze of the waking parts of 40 minutes of sleep I ended up getting in two days I completely forgot to take a photo of our table (I shared space with Effy, Poppy and Jono). I made enough money to completely then spend all of it immediately buying other people’s zines and things.

I still have stuff left from the fair, details of stuff for sale, the current price list and how to get stuff is on my Facebook, swing by!

I was pretty surprised at how many people were actually buying the stickers I had made of myself. I have more things to sell, but so far the only things I’ll have up is the left overs of what I had from the fair ~_~

Some other things:

  1. the Daiso on George St is way bigger than the one in Central Park

  2. I’m really bad at remembering to buy things for illustration

  3. I’ve been having massive cravings for Ben&Jerry’s cookie dough but I’ve been holding off on it

  4. I’m having mac and cheese tonight because why not

  5. mum comes back to Sydney next week and I’m going to start moving out





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