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draw; traveling is tiring

In the past year, I’ve been traveling probably too much. Nguyen Sa was there for some of it. I ended up drawing him a lot this year. He’s quite lovely to draw. 

Melbourne was the first time I’d actually asked to draw him in person. An oddly specific milestone for me, really.

New York was almost a breaking point for me. I’d needed a rest in Seattle, but some way or another that didn’t really end up happening, so for two days out of the week that we were there I pretty much folded into myself and didn’t reappear until I forced myself to take a break.

I’ve always preferred linework over colour. The second New York drawing of Nguyen Sa is made of 2 lines and the dots for his hair.

These are all up on my Instagram, but raw scans are somehow nicer for these kinds of multipage spread sketches.

I was really very thrifty with my sketchbook page space while I was abroad this time. I didn’t have another sketchbook until I went shopping at a Moleskin store in Woodbury, quite a way into the trip. A lot of the single sketches I’d been posting were sharing space with other sketches I’d already posted before. I generally prefer to keep things chronological with the use of sketchbooks, but it was also really nice to see if I could keep a spread nice and relatively matched in quality of drawing.

I’ll post more double pages of my travel sketchbook soon. In the meantime, I gotta get my apartment up to scratch before I can do any of the other things I’ve got planned for the rest of the year.

The list is long. Here we go.

Self imposed travel ban is in action.

Let’s get productive! Annie.



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