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update; a whole year

Can you believe I posted just one time all of last year? What a ride. It’s almost been a year. Let’s talk about it.

Turns out being productive while working full time doesn’t include my blog somehow. I feel like that needs to change. All the other things I was doing took over in priority since I was making a varying amount of money from almost everything else – the site fell off my radar for a while. It’s strange to think that I barely even wrote in my journal, or planned that many things outside my job, my mum, my dog and my relationship.

2019 is supposed to be a whole new start, and what a start it’s been! Half of the things that took up 80% of my time I don’t have anymore. Needing change after getting into a routine is ridiculously hard to do, especially if the routine works. Recognising my own needs to keep changing and keep moving forward has been one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make as a real life adult. Recognising that I get to make these decisions for myself has also been another wild step.

Strange to think that I am, mentally speaking, in very much the same place as I was a year ago and better, even. I’m still in therapy, I’m still living in the same apartment, I have my site and my portfolio (which is now more interesting than ever), I’m sewing and trying to organise D&D and working and looking for work. Stranger still to think that even though things are moving forward and I stagnated for a few months in the middle, I’m still getting better and keeping on keeping on. I forgot what it was like to keep walking forward for a while.

I’m going to be making more zines in the coming months. I might post some comparison pages between planning and final images for Articulation in a bit. Out of everything I’ve made, this has had the biggest impact on myself and on the people around me. I have met people in the past year through this zine who have looked at themselves and their place in the world in a whole new way that I didn’t expect other people around me ever to do. It’s been grand. There’s a second one in the making but we’ll see how that goes.

Talking about mental health and my own journey in not dying has been really, unbelievably satisfying. I didn’t think I could do this at any point in the past. Therapy has taught me a lot, and I’ve learned a lot about how I have dealt with my brain in the past. I don’t really need those habits and thoughts anymore and would like to grow into better habits, which is on my list of goals to do this year.

Here are some other things I’m aiming to do this year:

  1. Learn how to drive

  2. Get back to going to the gym, writing my blog, film photography

  3. Get Etsy properly going

  4. Some zine fairs (Otherworlds? MCA?)

  5. Turn @somethinganniething into something content driven

  6. Set up clothes Instagram

In 2018 I finished my yearly goals list in September, which was surprising since I didn’t expect the simple action of writing something down to make such a big effect on whether or not I could do something. It does. Write things down if you want to do the things. 

I’ll be blogging more this year, as outlined in my goals haha. I’ll be getting back into a lot of things that I lost in the midst of chasing a routine. I will no doubt be blogging a lot more written content this year. There’s a lot to talk about. Things are different, and will no doubt get better.

I’ll be here, Annie.



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