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draw; 2016 sketchbook 01

In the break I got a chance to do a few of my own things after my gruelling semester of illustration and animation taking up all my time. As usual, a lot of people on transport were drawn, a few friends from photos and many, many selfies.

I have no idea where that grey calligraphy Daiso pen has gone and I’m a little annoyed but I guess it just gives me an excuse to get more.

I’ve posted most of these online elsewhere already in sections, but I quite like the look of the double page in my sketchbooks so here they are in full.

I didn’t draw that much in Italy and Greece because most of my time was spent hanging out with Silka, whom I hadn’t seen in a ridiculous amount of time.

The horde of selfies up there will probably get turned into some sort of seamless pattern at some point when I get around to it.

I also have a few gifs planned about the Annecy trip (even though I didn’t do the subject) but who knows when those will get done? Eventually. Hopefully soon.

I’ve been at uni for a total of two days and I’m already low key stressed about the semester. But at the same time, somehow I feel like it makes more sense to chill at the beginning so that later when I’m unavoidably stressed I won’t just have a straight line of constant stress. Something that’s exponential can be better than something that’s a flat line no?

I made pasta bake last night and may be eating pasta bake for days at this rate. I have no concept of how much food a singular person consumes, apparently.

More soon, Annie.



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