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I didn’t even know where Slovenia was on a map when I bought a plane ticket to go there, and I honestly would still struggle to find it now. I know it’s on the east, kind of towards the bottom. That’s about it.

It’s got the smallest airport I’ve ever seen.

We found out there was a wine tasting festival on the weekend we were planning to go. Shenanigans obviously then happened.

It was probably because of all the wine I was tasting, but it felt as though golden hour was a lot longer on that day. Or maybe it’s because of all the photos I took during those few fleeting moments.

It was probably the wine, which doesn’t really make it any less romantic.

Of all the lakes I’ve ever seen, Lake Bled is definitely one of the most beautifully surreal ones. Even as I was looking at it I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. 

A group of us had travelled to Slovenia to do paragliding, which is hilariously far away from my interests but I went anyway because I figured I’d find something to do while the others were risking their lives for adrenaline. 

I ended up being too hungover to even be alive enough to say goodbye when the others left in the morning. Jackson, Matt and I ended up just walking around the lake, which was an adventure in itself. 

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I’ve started making my scrapbook! There’s going to be a lot more pages in it than I thought, and none of my film photos will be in it, but fun nonetheless! I have no idea why I keep making stuff with stuff from last year. I can’t help it, really. 

I just spent the last three days camping on Cockatoo Island, and it was weird to feel all that nostalgia for first year. There’s a bit of fog surrounding 2012. 

I’m going to Macleay Museum again today, for my illustration class. Speaking of which, I’m late. What’s new?





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