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photo; prague dreams 01

Prague is an absolute dream city. There’s practically nothing that I do not love about it.

Kevin and I met somewhere in 2010 or 2011, through a mutual friend on Tumblr via Instagram back when I could still meet people online by random happenstance. 4 years later we met for the first time in Sydney, and a year after that I met him in Berlin to go to Lollapalooza and visited him in Prague like a month after that.

It’s a pretty great story, and it’s a lovely product of growing up in the new century. 

Kevin had been in Prague doing his PhD for a few years when I went to visit so he knew his way around pretty well. I ate so much food it was unbelievable. 

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My mother’s back in town for the next few days and it’s pretty great. Hopefully I’m not going to lose too much of my brain getting assignments done AND moving in and out AND packing to go to Europe AND generally just figuring out my life. 

Back to work, 




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